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The Weary Traveler...Page01

4th Oct 2021, 2:41 AM in Chapter Two
The Weary Traveler...Page01
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Panda Cop 4th Oct 2021, 4:06 AM
Panda Cop
Ahh, the critters got onto a boxcar, your have probably been on an old bridge like that while a train passed by. I have its pretty intense
DirtyKidSchmely 4th Oct 2021, 4:31 AM
Well to be totally honest I've ridden on freight trains going over bridges like that sort of, it's pretty cool. But if u look back on the last page of chapter 1 you'll see it says to be continued in gone fishing part 2, and if u go look at the cover page of chapter you'll see it's called The Weary Traveler. This is a completely different story. I wanted to have my characters do more than just one story line, so I figured I'll do the Gone fishing installments which are a cannon story line and then different little stories in between
Panda Cop 4th Oct 2021, 5:32 AM
Panda Cop
Ahh thats a great way to do it, and they dont have to be in a timeline, just seperate stories in the same world
KidCthulhu 5th Oct 2021, 7:36 PM
That's an interesting way to go about it...
less bad 25th Oct 2021, 8:51 PM
but still bad